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Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Item List

Versions Red/Blue/Yellow     Versions Gold/Silver/Crystal

Important Items
Bicycle-  allows you to travel faster
Bike Voucher-  present it at Cerulean Bike Shop for a free bike
Card Key-  unlocks doors in the Silph Co.
Coin Case & Coins-  coin case holds up to 999 game coins for Celadon Game Corner
Escape Rope-  used to escape from an area, returning to the last Poké Center visited
Exp All-  share experience points with all Pokémon in your party list
Gold Teeth-  saught for by the Safari Zone Warden
Item Finder-  helps to locate hidden items
Lift Key-  used to unlock elevator
Nugget-  worth P5000
Oak's Parcel-  used in exchange for Pokédex
Pokédex-  used to record Pokémon data
Poké Doll-  used to distract wild Pokémon
Poké Flute-  used to wake sleeping Pokémon
S.S. Ticket-  ticket needed to board Vermilion's S.S. Anne cruise ship
Secret Key-  unlocks Cinnabar Island's Gym
Silph Scope-  used to identify Ghost-type Pokémon
Town Map-  map of the Kanto Region

Capturing Devices
Poké Ball-  used to catch Pokémon
Great Ball-  used to catch Pokémon; better chances than Poké Ball (and better than Ultra Ball--when catching Pokémon whose level is 50 or lower)
Ultra Ball-  used to catch Pokémon with greater success
Master Ball-  this ball is 100% accurate (however, it failed once...)
Safari Ball-  used to catch Pokémon, while in the Safari Zone

Status Enhancements
Calcium-  ups SPECIAL stats of 1 Pokémon
Carbos-  raises SPEED of 1 Pokémon
Dire Hit-  ups critical hit ratio of 1 Pokémon
Guard Spec-  prevents status reduction (1 battle)
HP UP-  raises HP of 1 Pokémon
Iron-  raises DEFENSE of 1 Pokémon
PP UP-  raises max PP of selected move
Protein-  raises ATTACK of 1 Pokémon
Rare Candy-  raises level of Pokémon by 1

Status Enhancements (for 1 battle)
X Accuracy-  raises ACCURACY
X Attack-  raises ATTACK
X Defend-  raises DEFENSE
X Special-  raises SPECIAL stats
X Speed-  raises SPEED

Elemental Stones
Fire Stone-  evolves certain Fire-element Pokémon
Leaf Stone-  evolves certain kinds of Pokémon
Moon Stone-  evolves certain kinds of Pokémon
Thunder Stone-  evolves Electric-element Pokémon
Water Stone-  evolves Water-element Pokémon

Recovery Items
Antidote-  cures poison
Awakening-  cures sleep
Burn Heal-  heals burns
Elixer-  restores PP of all attacks by 10
Ether-  restores PP of 1 ability by 10
Fresh Water-  restores HP by 50
Full Heal-  cures all status problems
Full Restore-  restores all HP and cures status problems
Hyper Potion-  restores HP by 200
Ice Heal-  unthaws frozen Pokémon
Lemonade-  restores HP by 80
Max Elixer-  restores PP of all attacks
Max Ether-  restores PP to 1 attack
Max Potion-  restores all HP
Max Repel-  avoid wild Pokémon for certain number of steps
Max Revive-  revives fainted Pokémon, fully restoring HP
Paralyze Heal-  cures paralysis
Potion-  restores 20 HP
Repel-  prevents wild Pokémon from attacking
Revive-  revives fainted Pokémon
Soda Pop-  restores 60 HP
Super Potion-  restores 50 HP
Super Repel-  prevents wild Pokémon from attacking

Fishing Rods
Old Rod-  catches Magikarp
Good Rod-  better than the Old Rod
Super Rod-  best rod

Dome Fossil-  used to revive a Kabuto
Helix Fossil-  used to revive an Omanyte
Old Amber-  used to clone an Aerodactyl

Disclaimer: Pokémon,Pocket Monsters,all characters,games,other merchandise and all likenesses are copyright by Satoshi Tajiri,GAME FREAK inc.,Creatures inc., Nintendo of America, and others.